Diamond Cutting & Repair

Diamond cutting and repair is both art and science. It is a practice of changing a diamond from a rough or damaged stone into a beautiful precious stone. Diamond cutting is a delicate and time consuming process that requires specialized knowledge, tools, equipment, and techniques because of its extreme difficulty.

There are only a few experienced diamond cutters in Chicago who offer a full diamond cutting service, and we are proud to have a very skilled and experienced full time diamond cutter on our team. We offer full diamond re-cuts, reshaping, and repair service for diamonds of any shape. We can also cut rough diamonds to provide you with the best quality stone.

  • Do you have a broken, old or a damaged diamond? No problem ! With over 20 years of diamond cutting experience, we can help to turn your old style, damaged or chipped diamond into a new modern cut for the beauty and symmetry of the diamond. Using our Sarin machine we map rough and polished stones which provides our diamond cutter with a very percised information about the stone, as well as recommendations for the most efficient cut. Our lead cutter can also make recommendations for a cut and shape that will maximize the brilliance and beauty of the diamond and will minimize the weight loss while maintaining great proportions and symmetry.
  • Do you have a diamond but dislike the shape? No Problem ! We can re-cut your diamond into a shape of your choice. The diamond cut is one of the most important factors that reflect on the beauty and value of your diamond. Re-cutting from one shape to another is a very popular process and cost affective way to restore your old jewelry.

We offer competitive prices for high quality diamond cutting and repair. Contact De Lans company and will cut your perfect diamond to reflect its light and beauty. Give your stone a new life with us!


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